Performance Coach Certification Information


Taekwondo Canada has been working to get Coaching Association of Canada conditional approval (CAP) of the Competition Development level (Comp Dev) NCCP context called Performance Coach (PC). Taekwondo Canada has run one pilot of this program and plans to run the second year of Performance Coach after the CAC’s conditional approval has been achieved.



NCCP Multi-Sport Modules:

  • Managing Conflict (4.5 hours)

  • Leading Drug Free Sport (3.5 hours)

  • Coaching and Leading Effectively (8.75 hours)

  • Developing Athletic Abilities (8.75 hours)

  • Psychology of Performance (7 hours)

  • Prevention and Recovery (7.5 hours)

Locker E-Learning Modules / Evaluations

  • Making Headway Online Training (Locker e-learning)

  • Making Ethical Decisions (Competition Development) online evaluation

Certifications / Registrations

  • Dojang Coach Certified

  • Registered with the Coaching Association of Canada Professional Coaching department

  • Registered with Taekwondo Canada


Programme participants must have an athlete that is able to compete at Nationals as a Junior Black Belt (Training to Complete stage of development) or Senior Black Belt (Learning to Win or Training to Win stages of development). Coaches must identify the athlete with whom they will be working for the duration of the Performance Coach workshop series.


Coaches are encouraged to collect several videos of matches involving the athlete with whom they will work with. These videos will be used during the workshop series. Furthermore, be prepared to video your athlete over the course of the Performance Coach workshop series.

Coaches are encouraged to complete the three new Multi-Sport modules to better prepare for the Performance Coach workshop series:

  • Advanced Practice Planning (4.75 hours)

  • Manage a Sports Program (4 hours)

  • Performance Planning (12.25 hours)