MTU Modified Sparring Rules

For Colour Belt & Recreational Black Belt Sparring


Match Duration

2 Rounds of 1.5 Minutes, with a 30 second break.


Valid Points

Body Punch -1 Point

Body Kick -2 Point

Spinning Body Kick -3 Points


Full Point Deductions: 


1.  Crossing the Boundary Line

2.  Falling down

3.  Avoiding or delaying the match

4.  Grabbing or pushing the opponent

5.  Lifting the leg to block, or/and kicking the opponent’s leg to impede the opponent’s kicking attack, or 
lifting a leg or kicking in the air for more than 3 seconds to impede opponent’s potential attacking 
movements, or kick was aiming to below the waist

6.  Kicking below the waist

7.  Attacking the opponent after “Kal-yeo”

8.  Hitting the opponent’s head with the hand

9.  Butting or attacking with the knee

10. Attacking the fallen opponent

11. Unsportsmanlike conduct

a.     Not complying with the referee’s command or decision

b.     Inappropriate protesting behavior to officials’ decisions

c.      Inappropriate attempts to disturb or influence the outcome of the match

d.     Provoking or insulting the opposing contestant or coach

e.     Unaccredited doctor/physicians or other team officials found to be seated in the doctors position

f.      Any other severe misconduct or unsportsmanlike conduct from a contestant or coach


Head Contact in Non Head Contact Divisions

1st offense – Full point deduction for accidental contact

2nd offense – Full point deduction or Disqualification (Referee’s decision)

3rd Offense – Disqualification


*Athletes will be given up to 1 minute per head contact to continue the match.

If after 1 minute, the athlete cannot continue the match will be ended. If the attacker was issued a full point deduction the injured athlete will be declared the winner of the match. The athlete must make their decision before the penalty is issued.


Medical Breaks

Athletes will have up to 1 minutes or referees decision of time for any injury that is deemed serious or resulting in blood.

Point Gap

Tier 1 

20 point gap will be used after the end of the first round.

Tier 2

No gap will be used, athletes will permitted to complete the second round regardless of score.


If there is no clear winner at the end of the overtime round, the athlete who registered the most hits with the electronic scoring system will determined the winner.

If there is no winner determined by the computer system, the judges will determine the winner.

Match Terminology



Hong- Red

Chareot- Attention

Kyung rey – Bow

Choom bi – Ready Stance

Si Jak – Start

Kal-yeo – Stop

Keumon – End

Kay-sok – Continue

Gamjon – full point deduction

Kay-Shee – Injury time out

She-Gan- Time out

Age Divisions

Based on year of birth:

Under 7

Under 9

Under 11 (Youth)

Under 14 (Cadet)

Under 17 (Junior)

17 and Up (Senior)

30 and Up (Executive)


Mandatory Equipment


Mouthguard – Must be clear or white only

Body pad – Must be new style body pad (no white with dot style)

Arm pads

Gloves – Taekwondo style only (No MMA or full fist)

Groin protector (males and females)

Shin pads

Foot pads


Weight Classes for Black Belt Athletes

Weight classes will be based of a 10 lbs. weigh range, however divisions may be combined to accommodate the competition.


Belt Divisions

Belt divisions will be up to each tournament host as they see fit. Belt divisions should not vary from three levels. Belt divisions may have to be combined to accommodate the competition.


Belt Division Example:

White Belt

Yellow Stripe

Green Stripe



Blue Stripe


Red Stripe


Black Stripe

Recreational Black Belt


Tier 1

Single elimination format for the gold and silver medalists, all remaining athletes will be placed in double elimination bracket for a bronze medal.


Tier 2

Single Elimination with two bronze medalists.


Division Size

Tier 1

Divisions will be unlimited number of participants within a category.


Tier 2

Divisions can have a maximum number of 8 participants per category.



Any other rules will follow the Latest WTF Rules.

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