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See what's happening in Taekwondo in Nova Scotia

March 23rd, 2020: Treaty Education

PO Learning Series

The session will highlight the contributions of the Mi’kmaq and  explain the significance of Treaties as building blocks for Nova Scotia and Canada; and, how we have all benefited from our treaty relationships in a sport and recreation context.

April 14th, 2020: Youth Engagement

This interactive workshop will increase participants’ understanding of the personal and social development of young people, as well as the important support role they play in it. Through a combination of experiences and reflection, participants will learn about and identify concrete ways they can better invest in and partner with young people in their work.

May 14th, 2020: Women & Girls SPAR

This session will focus on gender equity, specifically in the recruitment and retention of women and girls on Boards and in other leadership capacities within a sport and recreation context.